Artists, designers and creators have brilliant minds that should not be solely confined to the walls of theatres, studios and galleries. When combined with the passion, creativity and bloody-mindedness of people who care about where they live, culture and art can create moments that last a lifetime and change the way people feel about themselves and their neighbourhood forever.

This is where I come in. I introduce artists to communities and create space for them to work together, commissioning new work and collaborations. Those communities could be geographical communities sprucing up their streets or scores of Rugby Fans who want to celebrate their game on and off the pitch, the projects could leave a small and beautiful imprint, a grand show-stopping spectacle, or form a new bond that binds people together year in, year out, rain or shine.


George Street Mural - Hello & Welcome to leeds

With a new high-end retail centre opening next door, Leeds Kirkgate Market could easily fall victim to gentrification and dividing lines could have been drawn. Instead I commissioned artist Nathan Evans to send a message of welcome, celebrating the colour, diversity and fun of the market.


Tour de France city dressing programme

The greatest show on earth was coming town and it was my job to make us look the part. With all eyes on Leeds this occasion also provided a platform to give profile to the artistic community in the city and  a chance to tip out the dressing up box, giving communities free run of the city's canvasses.


— FRIDA KAHLO, artist